Saturday, September 26, 2020

Dice Roll Zine #3 in PRINT!

Hi folks! Long time no blog updates. All I can say is: crazy freakin' 2020. It's the Apocalypse, don't you know! 

So, what better time is there to check out DICE ROLL ZINE #3 in print before everything goes to shit?!? 

DRZ #3 was launched as part of Zine Quest 2 on Kickstarter early in 2020, and I now have print copies available for those who didn't know about or weren't able to back the zine during the campaign. Details below.


Get yer old school game on!
DRZ #3. 44-pages, B&W, saddle-stitched, digest-sized print zine. Old-School RPGs. 
Words by Steven A. Cook. 
Illustrations by Del Teigeler, Brian “Glad” Thomas and Glynn Seal.

In Dice Roll Zine #3

Fighting Tricks: Optional class ability for fighters
Lucky Dice: Optional ‘lucky’ dice re-rolls
Technomancer: Technomancy magic-using class
Technomancy: New ‘tech-themed’ spells & magic items 
Dragonauts: Mechanoid dragons of the Wastelands of Kreth 
Accursed Caverns of Xazyzl: Grueling dungeon for PCs levels 2 to 4
Ronculus Horngard: A science-fantasy inspired rhino-man NPC
Ugluks: A monster race in the tradition of ‘cannibal halflings’
Lifepath Backgrounds: Roll to generate PC background details

Available now from Hog Town Games Big Cartel store.
$7.50 USD print zine + shipping (worldwide). Includes free PDF.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

DRZ Ramblecast #23 OSE Referee Files Part 3

Hi folks! I've just released Part 3 Character Classes & Advancement of my ongoing Anchor podcast series in which I delve into the Old School Essentials Classic Fantasy Rules Tome.

Or you can use this link to the Anchor podcast.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

DRZ Ramblecast #22: OSE Referee Files Part 2

In this podcast episode I delve deeper into the Old School Essentials Classic Fantasy Rules Tome (the Player Characters chapter) and come out the other side with some intriguing thoughts (in particular) about ability scores and alignment. 

Or maybe I just kinda talk out of my ass for like 35 minutes. 

DRZ Ramblecast #22: OSE Referee Files Part 2 [Anchor]


Steve C

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Dice Roll Zine #3 Launched on Kickstarter for Zine Quest 2!

Hi folks! I just wanted to let everyone know that I have launched my Dice Roll Zine #3 as part of the Zine Quest 2 campaign on Kickstarter. You can find out all about it there, but I'll break down the contents below for you as well.

In Dice Roll Zine #3 you'll find:

  • The Artificer of Xixis class -- a technomancy magic specialist.
  • Technomancy -- new tech-themed spells and magic items.
  • The Accursed Caverns (of Xazyzl) -- a 'mythic underworld' style adventure site for a group of lower level PCs.
  • Roculus Horngard -- a detailed 'rhino man' sci-fantasy NPC to thwart/help your PCs.
  • Dirty Tricks -- an optional fighter class ability.
  • Dragonauts -- kick-ass techno-dragons.
  • Ugluks -- humorous 'feral humanoid' monsters.
  • 'Lifepath' PC Backgrounds -- create a PC backstory with a series of rolls.
  • And even more old-school RPG goodies, all originating from my own sci-fantasy home campaign called The Wastelands of Kreth. 

Dice Roll Zine is entirely written by me and illustrated by some of the best old school-inspired artists around. Issue #3 currently stands at 40 pages, digest-sized, black & white interior and cover, and the zine will be professionally printed and staple-bound with a card-stock cover.

The zine is primarily based around the 1981 B/X style rules, so it's perfect for Old School Essentials games, but also very easily usable with any old-school systems like Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Basic Fantasy, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Black Hack, and so on.

I expect to have the Dice Roll Zine #3 PDF finished and released to backers in late May 2020, with the printed zine following up about a month later after proofing and final printing. I'd say that about 70% of the writing is complete and about 60% of the commissioned art has been received at this point, so I've given myself an ample fulfillment window to get everything tidied up and completed.

If you're interested in supporting me and Dice Roll Zine #3 on Kickstarter's Zine Quest 2 campaign, please check it out and join in the fun and exciting journey of bringing the latest issue of my old school zine to the people!