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Hog Town Games makes OSR fantasy game supplements with a weird-dark-humorous style. You can visit our Big Cartel Online Store here:

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Hog Town Games is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We will update this page whenever we have information to share about new releases.


Dice Roll Zine
An old-school zine devoted to old-school roleplaying featuring art by top shelf old-school-inspired artists.

Issue #1: 36 pages, b&w, booklet size. Optional ability score uses, the barbarian class, alternate cleric turning rules, the Purple Mushroom Inn science/fantasy adventure site, chaos mutations die drop table, random dungeon stuff tables, 4 megadungeon maps (level 1 of how deep can it go?).
PDF: Only $4! On sale now at Tabletop Library, RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. With the PDF you also get files for all the maps in the zine (7 maps!), plus two wrap-around and one single-page cover options.
Print: Canada & USA is $9 USD (standard postage included); everywhere else in the world is $10.50 USD (standard international postage included).
If you want multiple copies or live in Antarctica or something, please get in touch with Steve first for rates. Email: hogtowngamesosr AT gmail DOT com.
How to Buy: Here on the blog (look right or scroll down on mobile devices) or at our Big Cartel Store in a limited print run. Lovingly printed at home, folded and stapled, bagged, and mailed via old-fashioned postal services directly to you. No middle-man. Well, except the post offices, of course. Payment accepted via PayPal.

WB1 Golden Eye of the Kobold King
Adventure module, 34 pages, perfect bound, booklet size, black & white.
v1.1 updated Feb 4, 2017 (first release July 18, 2016). 
Available in PDF and Print.
PDF - Free/PWYW, available at RPGNowDriveThru RPG and Tabletop Library
PRINT - $4 USD, available at RPGNow, DriveThruRPG, and Lulu