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Hog Town Games makes OSR fantasy game supplements with a weird-dark-humorous style.

Hog Town Games is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We will update this page whenever we have information to share about new releases.

You can contact Steve Cook the Hog Town Games dude on social media here:

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Dice Roll Zine
An old-school zine devoted to old-school roleplaying featuring art by top shelf old-school-inspired artists.

Issue #1: 36 pages, b&w, A5 size. Optional ability score uses, the barbarian class, alternate cleric turning rules, the Purple Mushroom Inn science/fantasy adventure site, chaos mutations die drop table, random dungeon stuff tables, 4 megadungeon maps (level 1 of how deep can it go?).
PDF: Only $4! On sale now at Tabletop Library, RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. With the PDF you also get files for all the maps in the zine.
Print: $4.50 USD at Lulu ($6 CAD), see links over on the right-hand column. RPGNow & DriveThruRPG print versions coming soon.