Borderlands Downloads

This page lists links where you can download the stuff I've written or made for old-school games. If a PDF is system specific, it says so in the descriptor.

... And My Ending is Despair - Megadungeon level 1 (PDF) - 30/06/2018
- Level 1 of a megadungeon with savage baboons, goblins, undead, and other goodness for Swords & wizardry White Box.

... And My Ending Referee's Map, 72dpi (PDF) - 30/06/2018

...And My Ending VTT or Players Map, 300dpi (PDF) - 30/06/2018

Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox Character Sheet (PDF) - 23/07/2016
-A character sheet based on the Moldvay Basic Set character sheet.

Swords & Wizardry Referee Log & Creature Matrix (PDF) - 20/07/2016
-A 2-page referee log sheet and creature statisitc sheet for Swords & Wizardry.

Swords & Wizardry: White Box 1-Page Reference Sheet (PDF) - 24/04/2016
-A 1-page referee's screen (landscape format) for S&W White Box.

Wastelands Random Encounters & Wilderness Travel Tables v1.5 (PDF) - 24/04/2016
-Random tables for wilderness travel and creature encounters by predominant terrain type.

Wastelands Random Encounters & Wilderness Travel Tables v1.5 (docx) - 24/04/2016
-Same as above in docx format (for your customization pleasure).

Racial Secondary Skills v1_0 (PDF) - 23/05/2014
-Random tables based on race to determine secondary skills (or professions, background careers, etc.)

Quick NPC Checklist (PDF) - 27/03/2012
-A list of 170 NPCs with names and a few personal quirks.

Traits & Tokens (PDF) - 27/03/2012
-Two random tables of items and events/traits for starting characters.

Here are links to non-D&D game supplements (totally unofficial, but cool as a 70s van with shag carpeting, chain link steering wheel, and painted with a nekkid babe riding a panther) I've written:

CODA Trek - Decipher's Star Trek RPG
A Piece of the Action - character creation supplement.
A Divine Treasury of Ferengi Character Options - as above, just for Ferengi.

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