Thursday, March 27, 2014

Clearing Cobwebs

Please excuse me while I clear out the cobwebs from this place!

Just a quick update today to note that it has been an interesting couple of years of gaming since I last posted here. I have been running a D&D Next playtest game since last Summer (very frank posts to follow soon about that) and an AD&D 2nd edition game before that. Both games were set in the Borderlands. I had intended to run a DCC RPG game but it unfortunately never got off the ground. I've also been playing in a Castles & Crusades game off-and-on for a couple of years. And a madness took me and I briefly suffered from a Diablo II addiction in 2012. But it has passed.

Regular posts should appear here in the near future as I ease back into the "writing RPG stuff" routine. I feel a bit rusty. At any rate, my old-school system of choice lately has been Labyrinth Lord + AEC, so anything I post here will probably be focused on that system.

After 14-plus years of wandering the Borderlands (using 3e, B/X, and 2e rulesets) and a brief excursion to the Wastelands (with 4e), I've decided my next campaign will explore a new homebrew setting. I don't know what feel or flavor it will have yet - other than old-school - but I intend to basically create it from scratch here on the blog and see what monstrous atrocity beyond ferocity develops.