Sunday, March 8, 2020

DRZ Ramblecast #23 OSE Referee Files Part 3

Hi folks! I've just released Part 3 Character Classes & Advancement of my ongoing Anchor podcast series in which I delve into the Old School Essentials Classic Fantasy Rules Tome.

Or you can use this link to the Anchor podcast.


  1. FYI, I'm only getting 1:05 of call-ins for episode 23. Overcast can't seem to fetch the full episode. I'll find another way to listen, but just wanted to give you a heads up in case the issue is something on your end

  2. Thanks Matt! It seems to be a distribution issue, I noticed right away this morning and contacted Anchor support. Just waiting for a resolution. You can listen at the direct Anchor link, I know that works. I'll give a general heads up when the glitch is fixed. Thanks again!