Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Borderlands Gazetteer: Eastern Borderlands Map

Today we have the third of my "regional" maps of the Borderlands. I've tried again to get the colors a little fuller, and I noticed that doing so makes these maps look more and more like the maps from the 1st edition AD&D Forgotten Realms boxed set. Which is OK by me as those are actually my favorite set of maps of any of the campaign settings published by TSR, including the Darlene Flanaess maps -- although I still love the calligraphy of those ones. (Note: See Jeff's Gameblog here for a wonderful look at the Pekulish script detail of the Darlene maps.)

Fans of Necromancer Games will notice a few familiar names and a bit of geography. In addition to Bard's Gate, the pleasant little village of Fairhill turns up in the Borderlands, as does the infamous Rappan Athuk: Dungeon of Graves.

I plan to draw more localized maps of the Borderlands in the future. However, what areas get detailed largely depend on where the campaign sessions focus.

And yes, Yonder Bognie is named after a little village in Aberdeenshire in the northeast of Scotland. ;)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Borderlands Gazetteer: Central Borderlands Map

Here is the second of three "overview" maps of the Borderlands. This one covers the central Borderlands. I've tried to get the colors a little brighter and robust this time around. I'll post the third map, the eastern Borderlands, next week.

I should probably point out that these maps all line up side-by-side-by-side, west to central to east. The images may not scale exactly, but they flow into one another horizontally. Just in case it wasn't obvious! :-)

Gazetteer entries for this region of the Borderlands, as well as entries covered by the other two maps, will appear here in the future. Since my players visit this blog from time-to-time, gazetteer entries will reveal only the basic information about locales, "common knowledge" if you will.

I'm not yet sure how I'll provide entries detailing secret DM-only info. One option is to tag the blog post as "DM's ONLY!" or some such. Another is to offer PDFs via e-mail. At any rate, I'll figure something out.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Borderlands Gazetteer: Western Borderlands Map

I was finally able to scan my first "re-done" campaign map of the Borderlands today at work. (Unfortunately, I don't have a scanner at home. Drats.) I say "re-done," as the Borderlands have gone through several geographical "versions" over the years and each has had its own hand-drawn map. Most are just pencil skethes, but for this new campaign I wanted an old-school, tacky, hand-drawn and colored map. Like the ones I used to draw with pencil and crayon back in the early-to-mid eighties. Only using pencil and pencil crayons for coloring this time, not actual kiddie wax crayons! :-)

At any rate, this map covers most of the western Borderlands, which is the main area of the campaign. You'll see two different fonts on this map: a crappy hand-written one (done by me directly on the map, pre-scanning) indicating Vander's Post, the Keep, Crosspike, and various keys and titles on the edges of the map; and a cleaner one added via Photoshop indicating numerous other place names (much nicer).

I figured since I'm blabbing about the campaign setting here, I'd better bloody-well get around to posting a damn map! :-)