Saturday, September 26, 2020

Dice Roll Zine #3 in PRINT!

Hi folks! Long time no blog updates. All I can say is: crazy freakin' 2020. It's the Apocalypse, don't you know! 

So, what better time is there to check out DICE ROLL ZINE #3 in print before everything goes to shit?!? 

DRZ #3 was launched as part of Zine Quest 2 on Kickstarter early in 2020, and I now have print copies available for those who didn't know about or weren't able to back the zine during the campaign. Details below.


Get yer old school game on!
DRZ #3. 44-pages, B&W, saddle-stitched, digest-sized print zine. Old-School RPGs. 
Words by Steven A. Cook. 
Illustrations by Del Teigeler, Brian “Glad” Thomas and Glynn Seal.

In Dice Roll Zine #3

Fighting Tricks: Optional class ability for fighters
Lucky Dice: Optional ‘lucky’ dice re-rolls
Technomancer: Technomancy magic-using class
Technomancy: New ‘tech-themed’ spells & magic items 
Dragonauts: Mechanoid dragons of the Wastelands of Kreth 
Accursed Caverns of Xazyzl: Grueling dungeon for PCs levels 2 to 4
Ronculus Horngard: A science-fantasy inspired rhino-man NPC
Ugluks: A monster race in the tradition of ‘cannibal halflings’
Lifepath Backgrounds: Roll to generate PC background details

Available now from Hog Town Games Big Cartel store.
$7.50 USD print zine + shipping (worldwide). Includes free PDF.

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