Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Borderlands Gazetteer: Eastern Borderlands Map

Today we have the third of my "regional" maps of the Borderlands. I've tried again to get the colors a little fuller, and I noticed that doing so makes these maps look more and more like the maps from the 1st edition AD&D Forgotten Realms boxed set. Which is OK by me as those are actually my favorite set of maps of any of the campaign settings published by TSR, including the Darlene Flanaess maps -- although I still love the calligraphy of those ones. (Note: See Jeff's Gameblog here for a wonderful look at the Pekulish script detail of the Darlene maps.)

Fans of Necromancer Games will notice a few familiar names and a bit of geography. In addition to Bard's Gate, the pleasant little village of Fairhill turns up in the Borderlands, as does the infamous Rappan Athuk: Dungeon of Graves.

I plan to draw more localized maps of the Borderlands in the future. However, what areas get detailed largely depend on where the campaign sessions focus.

And yes, Yonder Bognie is named after a little village in Aberdeenshire in the northeast of Scotland. ;)