Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Borderlands Gazetteer: Central Borderlands Map

Here is the second of three "overview" maps of the Borderlands. This one covers the central Borderlands. I've tried to get the colors a little brighter and robust this time around. I'll post the third map, the eastern Borderlands, next week.

I should probably point out that these maps all line up side-by-side-by-side, west to central to east. The images may not scale exactly, but they flow into one another horizontally. Just in case it wasn't obvious! :-)

Gazetteer entries for this region of the Borderlands, as well as entries covered by the other two maps, will appear here in the future. Since my players visit this blog from time-to-time, gazetteer entries will reveal only the basic information about locales, "common knowledge" if you will.

I'm not yet sure how I'll provide entries detailing secret DM-only info. One option is to tag the blog post as "DM's ONLY!" or some such. Another is to offer PDFs via e-mail. At any rate, I'll figure something out.