Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Map (6): Caverns of the Mad Morlock, map 1 of 3

Today's map is the first of a three-map set for the three-level Dungeon of the Fire Lord. I know, I know, sucky name. This map shows the uppermost level, Caverns of the Mad Morlock. This level is populated by morlocks, orcs, ogres, a troll, and their insane, sorcery-wielding morlock master, F'threezis. Cheers!

This level connected to a big cave above it. The sinkhole in the bottom left of the map is the entry. The stairs in the upper center lead down to level two. :-)

Just in case it wasn't obvious, the blog maps are free for anyone to use, alter, hack, or whatever in their personal games.

If you would like to use them for any commercial projects (or are interested in commissioning an original map) please feel free to drop me a line about licensing and rates and all that good stuff. Just so you know, I'm cheap 'cuz I'm a nobody! :-)

Image download links:
Map 1, caverns - .png, hi-res
Map 1, caverns - .png, low-res