Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Map (5): The Ruins of Zog, map 3

Today's map is the last of a 3-map set for the Ruins of Zog (see here for maps 1 & 2). This map details the caverns and dungeon beneath the ancient ruins found along the banks of a small river-gorge oasis. Cheers!

I think from now on, I'll be dropping the markings from my maps for the blog, except for perhaps the "kris dagger compass," and maybe a legend if the map has very unusual features. I'm not sure that the titles, scales, room numbers, and other such notations really help anyone customize the maps for their own games. I've included them thus far simply because they were useful to me for my own games.

Plus, dropping the markings means I spend less time using Photoscape and more time drawing maps!

Image download links:
Map 3, dungeon - .png, hi-res
Map 3, dungeon - .png, hi-res, no markings
Map 3, dungeon - .png, low-res
Map 3, dungeon - .png, low-res, no markings