Friday, November 9, 2018

Medieval Demographics Made Easy (PDF)

Hey folks! When preparing your RPG adventures, have you ever wondered:

How many people live in this kingdom?
How many cities, towns and villagers are there?
How many taverns, blacksmiths and magic shops are in this town?

If you don't give a hoot about 'realism,' then you probably just make up some numbers. Which is cool!

However, if you prefer some semblance of historical accuracy, then you've probably heard of S. John Ross' well-regarded Medieval Demographics Made Easy (PDF) document.

MDME has been around forever. Well, almost forever, at least in internet terms. S. John has graciously made it available for everyone to download by tossing it out there into the Wild Wild Web in a swanky new updated PDF. Many of us fans are hosting it on our blogs and websites. You can find it here. I've also placed a permalink over there in the right-hand column. Just scroll down a bit.

Thanks for reading!

Steve C

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